Customers with Disabilities and Service Animal Policy

At Pull-A-Part we are welcoming to all customers.

For customers who are handicapped, require motorized vehicles or have other ambulatory challenges please know that once outside of our buildings, our surfaces are not paved, are covered by gravel with various levels of compaction, and may be uneven. This does present possible challenges and risks.

You are permitted to drive your assisting motorized vehicle on the yard after signing a waiver. In some locations we have the ability to rent a golf cart and we will do everything we can to help accommodate you. But it is a do-it-yourself operation and there may some limits to how much assistance we can provide. If you require a service animal, please ensure you have the proper paperwork. We also recommend asking for the Store Manager or Retail Chief when you arrive at the store to see if there's anything else we may be able to help with at that particular location. We welcome all customers but we want everyone to be aware and safe!

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