Does Pull-A-Part Pull or Ship Used Auto Parts?

Pull-A-Part has always been a do-it-yourself (DIY) salvage yard. We frequently refresh our inventory and maintain clean, organized yards to help you find and pull the used auto parts you need for your repairs. This DIY model helps customers save the most money.

New for 2021, Pull-A-Part now provides limited part-pulling services at all of our used auto parts retail locations. This means we now pull SOME parts for an additional fee. If you are short on time or aren't able to pull the part yourself, but you would still like to save money on your part, you may want to give our new part-pulling service a try.

The list of used auto parts we pull (and associated part-pulling fees) are subject to change, as we continue to roll this service out and expand the list of used auto parts we will remove for you. For our current part-pulling list and fee information, please visit our Part Pulling page here: Please keep in mind that our part-pulling service fee ONLY includes pulling the part for you. You will still be responsible for paying for the part, along with any associated taxes, environmental fees, core charges, or service fees related to the part(s) you are purchasing. You can review our current used auto parts pricing in-store or via our website Parts Pricing section.

NOTE: We still do not ship parts to individuals or transfer them to other locations at this time.

For traditional DIY used auto parts customers: Regarding the assistance we do provide - all vehicles on display are elevated for you. We supply an A-Frame and Hoist to assist you in the removal of an engine or a transmission. We also will provide a lift to help you move the engine or transmission to the exit.

Click here for a list of approved/unapproved tools on the yard. 

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