Do you sell tires and wheels (rims)?

Yes – we sell both tires and rims. Some are still on the cars and a few are already dismounted at the rear of the stores and available to purchase.

Please remember that since we don't inventory the parts on the vehicles, we don't know the condition, specifics or availability of parts on any of the vehicles at the locations. You can search car inventory online at prior to visiting a store to determine if the vehicle is available and then visit your local Pull-A-Part location to see if the part(s) you are looking for is(are) available and in the desired condition.

For interchange - although each vehicle uses a specific manufacturer’s recommended size, many vehicles use the same size tire. So, if tires of the same size are found on a different make/model than yours, they are interchangeable. What is often not interchangeable is the lug pattern of the wheel on which the tire is mounted.

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