How does Pull-A-Part work?

Great question! We're the premier do-it-yourself used auto parts superstore (we buy cars, sell used auto parts and sell used cars). In order to keep the prices low so you can buy the parts you need or want without breaking the bank, our design and approach works like this: 

  • We inventory vehicles, not specific parts. You can't call our stores to ask if we have the part or its condition; you gotta come in to see if it's there and remove it yourself with your own tools (click here for the types of tools you can bring to the yard).
  • Even if you could call our stores, our folks aren't staffed to search for parts on the yard. 

Here's how you DIY with Pull-A-Part:

Also - all of our the searches listed above are available in our stores. Simply visit the kiosks as soon as you walk in.

DIY isn't for everyone, but with our selection and prices, many of our customers believe it is well worth every trip!

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