What Is An Environmental Fee?

As a leading automotive recycler, Pull-A-Part is required to comply with various federal, state, and local regulations and policies related to recycling, processing, and/or disposal of potentially hazardous materials we handle at our salvage yards. This includes treatment of waste fluids, disposal of dead batteries, recycling of tires, and many other toxic or dangerous materials that could harm the environment.

Through our compliance in these areas, Pull-A-Part keeps our communities - and our environment as a whole - cleaner and safer for all. It also helps keep Pull-A-Part customers and employees safe at our facilities nationwide.

Like other salvage and recycling operations in our industry, Pull-A-Part charges an environmental fee to help offset the significant, rising costs of complying with these environmental safety standards and compliance requirements. Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep our facilities safe and our communities and environment clean.

For questions or additional information about how Pull-A-Part helps protect the environment or keep its facilities safe for customers and employees, or for questions about our environmental fee, please contact us.

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