How do I redeem my VIP Rewards?

Once you have VIP Rewards (store credit) available in your account, you may redeem your VIP Rewards Credit at the time of purchase when paying for used auto parts or yard admission. Simply tell the store associate you would like to apply your credit towards your purchase. Your VIP Rewards activity will be displayed on your receipt and your VIP Rewards Credit balance will be adjusted based on the value of the store credit you use.

To check your VIP Rewards balance, you can ask a store associate to look up the available store credit balance you have or you can view your VIP Rewards in your VIP Club account online (located under "Credits" in your account). Your VIP Rewards will be displayed as "VIP Rewards Credit."

Your VIP Rewards never expire and there is no limit to the amount of VIP Rewards you may earn (VIP Rewards are simply 3% store credit on the subtotal of used auto parts purchased).

If you have additional questions or need assistance regarding VIP Rewards, please speak with a store associate during your next visit or submit a request via our contact us form here.

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